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Another quick helper for people coming from the #TwitterMigration (slightly overly simplified).


Home = people you specifically follow, no matter what instance they "live" on

Local = the feed for the people across the same instance you're on, whether or not you follow them

Federated = public posts from people "known" to your instance, ie people on the same instance as you OR people followed by people on your instance, like a 2nd degree connection (it is NOT "every user on Mastodon).

New research from Cybersixgill shows how scammers sell bots, spam tools, and fake Twitter accounts on underground forums and the dark web

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Nature published 12 pieces in 2022 on the benefits of psychedelic drugs e.g. for mental health. All pieces were paid for by a pharmaceutical company specialized on psychedelic drugs.

Although Nature stresses all pieces were "editorially independent", in a letter published today we criticize the nature and content of the series.

(with Florian Naudet, Lisa Cosgrove, Erick Turner, Alain Braillon & Ioana Cristea)

Here is the whole series of editorially independent pieces on psychedelics paid for by a psychedelics company.

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Launched the PixelFed Instance on the domain.

Feels great to have a pathway forward for ditching instagram. Looking forward to the iOS App coming out of beta. 😎

My #ADHD understands the #fediverse like moving to a new city.

#1.. choose a neighbourhood to live in (instance / server)
#2.. move into, and set up your new home (profile)
#3.. meet your new neighbours and build your new community
#4.. explore your new city (the fediverse)
#5.. Learn the communities cultural norms and don't be a jerk.

What am I missing?

#newhere #introduction

We have #mastodon to replace #twitter, #pixelfed to replace #instagram, now we really just need a good #facebook replacement in the #fediverse and maybe I can see about getting some of my family members away from those services.

People that post on LinkedIn: You all scare me.

NASA Will Buy Lunar Dust in the First Commercial Transaction on the Moon - Private companies are playing an ever greater role in space, in many cases with the blessing of national space agencies. Now Japan has issued a startup the first-ever license to conduct business activity on the moon, which could change the face of lunar exploration.

Well my Twitter account got permanently suspended. Last thing I said was this

Hi, I'm AD. Retired musician. Living in the FLX region of New York. Still into #music a little, but my mains are #Art, #Making, anything creative really. I run a small business that makes 3D printed mounts for Stream Decks called The Explorographer name comes from my #photography which you can find in my bio links. Will post some of that here with my other #art

Just stood up a social network so I could say "Fuck Kanye" in an empty room lol

So far I am liking how chill the Mastodon community is...

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