Utopia first listen: wow lots of yeezus sounds here but loving this record

How I know my hometown is mid.

Everyone is excited over a lineup dominated by cover bands 😂

Haven’t been on in a min.
I’m back in ATL
This first week 🥱😮‍💨

They pretty much invented “Best Música Urbana” so that they wouldn’t have to give Bad Bunny record of the year every year 😭😭😎

Again, it's worth noting how OVERT conservatives have become about trashing folks with disabilities in classic #Nazi fashion. #Trump definitely set a new bar for this by mocking a disabled reporter at the podium and not being immediately condemned by #GOP. Now it's open season.

Miami was crazy
Back in Chatt
In Atlanta this weekend 😎

Out here in Miami for Art Basel. If you’re at the events let’s link up.

Messed a bit with Funkwhale. For some reason install with Yunohost was not very straight forward. Was still able to get somewhere though with Quick Install but songs aren't being processed. Still working out kinks. : (

Hello mograph.social!

This is my #introduction post, I am a generative artist based in the US. I am professionally trained as an architect and like to code and make pen plotted drawings/animations in my free time.

I am looking forward to connecting with you guys!

#MastoArt #generativeart #creativecoding #plotterart

Interactive WebGL for new portfolio website. Try it here: josefpelz.com/playground

I know I take unconventional approaches
In this case I’m just simply getting my ideas out to close ones
Then seeing what sticks from there

During this closed testing phase will be pushing the limits of federation by using each service as if it were the platform it’s replacing. Tweaking things here and there. Collecting feedback and changing sails.

I reckon the community will want to adjust the look and feel of this space. We will work together on these efforts.

Thanks in advance 😎

My Fediverse experiments are running for 60 days

In a weeks time:
Twitter replacement ✅ mastodon 🐘
Instagram replacement ✅ pixelfed 📸
YouTube replacement ✅ peertube 🎥🎬🎞️

My next 2 Fediverse instances:
- Facebook Event Replacement
- Spotify/Apple Music Enchancer

Fediverse is sooooo cool 😎 and I think very accessible. Can’t wait to see this round of creators and makers on this platform.

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